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Sterile shell and tube heat exchanger

- WFI / Product Cooler / Heater - CIP-Solution Heat Exchanger - Exhaust Air Cooler / Condenser - Exhaust Air Heate

ETS sterile shell and tube heat exchangers meet all cGMP guidelines and are suitable for use in FDA approved facilities.
The DTS (Double Tube Sheet) construction of the units ensures separation of primary and secondary medium.
The positioning of the top and bottom tube ensures complete drainage and venting on the tube side of the heat exchanger.
The shell side is drained and vented through nozzles or holes in the inner tube plates. The insulation of the heat exchanger is covered with polished stainless steel sheet.
To ensure a long life, the units are provided with expansion joints that are always proof tested dependent on the thermal compression.
Thanks to the standardization of the components available from stock, ETS sterile shell and tube heat exchangers are competitive and capable of being delivered quickly.

Range of application
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Biochemistr

Products features
• cGMP compliant according tocurrent guidelines
• Double tube sheet DTS construction
• The product side is free ofany dead space
• Tube and shell side are both capable ofbeing completely drained and vented
• Sterile connections on the product side ofthe unit
• Surface finish of components in contactwith the media is RMS ≤ 0.4 �m (grindedand electro polished if required)
• All heat exchanger tubes seamless andelectro polished
• All O-ring seals comply with FDA resp.USP Class VI Certificate
• Single or multi-pass design
• Horizontal or vertical installation
• Insulation with stainless steel sheathing
• Expansion bellows possible
• Materials: 1.4435, 1.4404, 1.4539 andother high-alloy stainless steels
• Ferrite content ≤ 0.5

Factory tests
• Pressure test
• PT-test
• X-ray test
• Helium leak test
• Cleaning protocol
• Implementation and acceptanceaccording to PE

Sterile shell and tube heat exchanger in single pass construction


Sterile shell and tube heat exchanger in double pass construction


Double Tube Heat Exchanger for the Pharma Industry