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Special heat exchangers

- compressed gas cooler - flue gas heat exchanger - gas heater - fan type aircooler - gas/gas heat exchangers - double tube heat exchanger

Special heat exchangers are usually designed as a combination of several basic types of heat exchangers, e.g. tube bundle, finned or plate heat exchangers. In order to fulfil the special requirements, for example, the large surface of finned heat exchangers and the pressure resistance of tube bundle heat exchangers are combined. In this way, special requirements for cooling or heating gases and fluids can be reliably met, such as high temperature spreads, high operating pressures, great thermal or mechanical loads, high corrosion resistance etc. All heat exchangers are produced according to the valid regulations and if necessary provided with the relevant country-specific test certificates.

Range of application
Special heat exchangers are used for a wide variety of processes and in many branches of industry, e.g.

• Power station technology
• Machine industry
• Paper industry
• Chemical industry
• Process engineering
• Environmental technology

Construction and function
Due to the very special requirements and the various combination possibilities of different basic types, customised solutions take top priority. In addition to individual applications, whole series are also developed. Applications for operating pressures of up to 800 bar or temperatures from •260•C to +800•C, special materials with high corrosion resistance or great thermal loads can thus be reliably implemented.

Various materials are possible: copper, cupro-nickel, aluminium, steel, stainless steel and special materials.

Type KKG
Air-cooled pressure gas coolers are used for recooling natural gas, air or chemical gases with air. Depending on the application, one-stage or multi-stage versions are used. Due to the special production methods, operating pressures of up to 800 bar and high cooling capacities can be implemented.

Type GBR
Flue gas heat exchangers are used for recooling or waste heat utilisation of flue gases or for heating process or fresh air. Designed as a bare tube heat exchanger, they can also be used with greater dust accumulation in flue gas, e.g. for refuse incineration.

Type GB/RB
Gas/gas heat exchangers are mainly used in industry for heat recovery between heated, soiled and partially aggressive exhaust air and fresh air or process gas. The devices are characterised by high specific thermal output, absolute gas-tightness and low pressure losses.

Type LBG
Fan type coolers are used for recooling air or gases by means of water, water/glycol or direct evaporation. Typical applications are drying of gases or separation or recovery of solvents from exhaust air.

Type KO
Coaxial heat exchangers are used for cooling and heating fluids and gases with low volume flows. Due to the construction, this type works as a pure counter-current heat exchanger also with low temperature differences. For example, it can be used for low temperature applications with helium at •260•C or for compressed gas of up to 500 bar.

Special designs
For various applications, customised solutions are developed, for example steam registers for washing machines, air-cooler coils for cleaning machines, thermal oil heaters for driers, condensers for sterilising plants, etc.