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Finned heat exchangers

- air cooled liquid cooler - air heater - heat recovery register - fan-type air cooler - compressed gas cooler - oil cooler - generator cooler - evaporator - condenser

Finned heat exchangers are primarily used to heat and to cool liquids by means of gas (or reversed). Water, brine, wet steam, hydraulic oil, lubrication oil, thermal oil, condensing or evaporating cooling agents are suitable as heating or cooling medium.
Due to the lamella construction, a large surface can be packed in a small volume. The different types provide surfaces for heat transfer ranging from 0.1 to 8000 m2.

Range of application
Finned heat exchangers are used in great versatility and are applied in most different branches of industry e.g.
• Power station technics
• Machine industry
• Paper industry
• Chemical industry
• Process engineering
• Environmental technology
• Heating- and ventilation technics

Design and function
Finned heat exchangers basically consist of core tubes with drawn or pressed on fins, a casing and several collectors or headers. Depending on the required operating data, the feed of the medium can be adapted individually. By means of design variations, large thermal expansions of the tubes are compensated with no problems. For applications requiring high corrosion resistance and high operation pressures (up to 800bar), special material combinations tube/fin are available.

The following material combinations are possible (special materials on request)
Tubes: Copper, copper-nickel, steel, stainless steel
Fins: Aluminium, copper, stainless, steel.
Casing: Aluminium, steel, galvanized, steel, stainless steel

The air cooled oil coolers of the FLNB series are designed in conformity with the latest state of the heat technology and consist of aluminium elements with casing/hood and fan. The standard series provides 12 types with a maximum cooling capacity of 150kW. The main application is recooling of hydraulic, lubrication, or gear oil.

Type LK
Recoolers of type LK are mostly used for dissipation of excess heat to the environmental air. In addition to the application of liquid circuits like water, sole etc., this type can also be used as condenser. The standard series provides 24 types with heat transfer surfaces of max. 1200 m2.


Type LBD
This type is used to heat process air or process gas by condensation of wet steam or overheated steam. Depending on the requirements, different materials like galvanised steel, stainless steel etc. are available. Also applications with high operation pressures up to 800 bar are possible with the corresponding test certificates.


Type LBF
This all purpose finned heat exchanger is used for heating and cooling gases and liquids. Different material combinations of copper, copper-nickel, brass, aluminium, and also completely stainless types for high corrosion resistance are possible. The individual elements can have an overall length of 8000mm max.


Type LBW
Heat recovery of already used air is more and more important. The LBW series is specially focussed on the use of valuable waste heat. Also high-volume flows of used air even on a low temperature level can still be used in this way.


Type KKG
High pressure coolers represent a special application. There are final pressures up to 800 bar by compressing natural or technical gas. With the KKG series, recooling of compressed gas can be realized in a very simple and secure way.